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4° Tournament OLD SCHOOL 93/94' - Jacopo Borrelli Report Winner *ENGLISH

di N.D. - 05/02/2015


Italian version

Ciao dear old school players,

I'm really excited, we started playing just last November at the old school format(, in a short time we managed to create a really great group of players.


In Ravenna we are about 15 regular players, we play every two weeks and each of us always want to change and improve ours decks, in fact on 4 tournaments won four different players, this shows how difficult it is to win here...


After 3 times in top4, I managed to bring home the title, to be honest, I did so many top8 in important tournaments as PTQ, but the satisfaction of winning in the old school format is priceless, I will tell you briefly my rounds:

The tournamenent was host to magic time/magic time Ravenna 

12 players at the start, the metagame was various:

RUG aggro, white wennie, monored burn, UR burn, UGW ernhamGeddon, monored Atog/artifact, UWR Control, UR skyes, RG Aggro

take a look to some pictures of the event:


1°Round: Giorgio Blosi - RG aggro - 2-0

Game1: i keep an optimal hand, he mulliganed to 5, we start the war of Kird Ape   but he is penalized by mullingan an i won easy the game

Game2:Rethe war of Kird Ape  , but this time i play also a Serendib Efreet  and a nice Ancestral Recall , follewd byRegrowth  for Ancestral Recall ...
draw 6 more card of your opponent can be useful XD


Round: Cesare Melandri - UR control burn - 1-2


Game1: he start, he begin with a "Library of Alexandria"... :(

he draws 2 cards in turn throughout the game, I can not find answers quickly

Game2: i start with Kird Ape , "Serendib Efreet", "Ancestral Recall" while he does not see "Library of Alexandria" he does not find the answers to stop me

Game3: i restart with Kird Ape  and 1 "Birds of Paradise" but he cast above 2 "Lightning Bolt", then i drawn only blue cards but no blue lands... color screw for me... GG

Round: Andrea Morrone - UWR control "the deck" 2-0

Game1: you can see the video,  after resolution of "Chaos Orb The match went well, I continued to beat and I brought home the victory

game2: I make a really fast start, he struggled to resist, plays he play "Circle of Protection: Red" but he has problems with mana and continues to take damage with "City of Brass", when he got tapped out for play "Recall" then i end up the game with a useful "Fireball"

take a look first game:


Round: Esposito Simone - Monored Atog/artifact

Game1: I start with the usual Kird Ape and "Serendib Efreet", he play at the 2° turn "Uthden Troll i use my "Lightning Bolt on it, so he couldn't regenerate, then he play so many artifact followed by an "Atog, some removal like Fireball  on my creatures, he counts all the artifact to sacrifice on atog but he would bring down just to 2... so he can just attack for 1 damage, i stap and play Control Magic  on Atog  then i take the match with atog and 2 Mishra's Factory 

Game2: he start slowly while i keep a perfect hand with some creature and P9,he tried to resist with "Juggernaut" but cast "Lightning Bolt" on it. gg



after 4 swiss rounds you can see the top 4

Jacopo Borrelli (RUG zoo) vs Cesare Melandri (UR Control) 2-0 

Massimo Bonci (UWg erhnamGeddon) vs Margheri (UWBG serra control) 1-2:

Andrea Margheri (5c Control)

Cesare Melandri (UR Control)

Massimo Bonci(UWG erhnamgeddon)

Jacopo Borrelli (RUG zoo)



Semifinale - Cesare Melandri - UR control burn - 2-0

game1: I had lost in the Swiss against cesare, So the law is to win in top, in fact so happens, i saw all the best cards Kird Ape Serendib Efreet, 2 Lightning Bolt ... gg

game2: like the first game, fate is on my side and I win easy, revenge is served xD


FINALE - Margheri (UWBG serra control) 2-1: 

game1: he play first, respond with Swords to Plowshares  on my quickly Kird Ape , Disenchant  on my Mishra's Factory , the he cast a big Mind Twist ... non answer for

game2: i play fist this time, 2x Kird Ape and 1 Mishra's Factory i start to beat and i take him to 10 really fast, afterwards he play Circle of Protection: Red  but he is in mana screw and he got City of Brass  so he continues to take still 2 damage by mishra and 1 by city of brass to save damage by my kird ape, he is low life and he got tapped out for play a Serra Angel i play eot Psionic Blast  and Lightning Bolt . gg 

game3: we can call the game of the day, i play Kird Ape  he respond with Circle of Protection: Red , then i play a "Serendib Efreet" but he got the answer City in a Bottle  to kill kird, serendib and City of Brass , next round Shatter  on city and play another Kird Ape  he play a big Serra Angel , on my turn i got Control Magic , and he tried to see an answer and cast Timetwister 


he got back his serra with "Control Magic"... 


after i cast "Tranquility" i broke cop:red and control magic, at this time i cast Chaos Orb , the flip is decisive!

see the video below:

after i broke his Serra Angel  he is to 7 life,  i'm holding 2 "Lightning Bolt" in hand, i'm waiting to topdeck a Fireball  or bolt! and this happens! BOOM!

The Winner:



a warm greeting to all lovers of old school magic! see you in the next tournament!

add me or this group: 

Magic MTG - Old School 93'/94'

Jacopo Borrelli


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